Friday, 30 March 2007


Welcome to the 1forSoftware Blog!

This blog will feature news and reviews of leading software. Initially we will mainly be concentrating on PC games software.

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Let's get the ball rolling (no pun intended) with the best game we have seen so far this year: Peggle Deluxe. We highly recommend this game, which is a very well-crafted mixture of various game elements from other games (pinball, breakout, pachinko and matching games) together with its own unique features.

It's clear that a considerable amount of work has been put into the design of this game, with great attention given to details. There are 10 different character guides, who have specific powers, and various tactics can be used when appropriate – such as aiming for a deflection off a brick (or two) into the Free Ball Bucket.

In the words of one player: "Overall this game comes together as an incredible package and has a huge replay factor. It IS the best casual game on the market and will definitely be my favorite for a long time."

To download a free trial version of Peggle Deluxe or for more details, please follow these links:
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